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Fun Facts About New Smyrna Beach, FL

To get you started (and excited), here are some fun facts we want to share about New Smyrna Beach.

1. Shark Bite Capital of the World

Yes, we've unfortunately been given an unofficial title of being the shark bite capital of the world. Don't be scared off though. Generally-speaking, humans and animals enjoy a peaceful co-existence at New Smyrna Beach.

2. American's Top Small Cities for the Arts

Those interested in art and culture will be excited to hear that we've been named as one of "America's Top Small Cities for the Arts" by a non-profit called Americans for the Arts. You will find plenty of interesting things to do like visiting the Atlantic Center for the Arts. Did you also know that Bob Ross called New Smyrna Beach home at one point during his illustrious career?

3. Excellent Amenities and Facilities

We are consistently ranked as one of the best beaches to visit in Florida. We have excellent facilities and amenities that people of all ages can enjoy.

4. Nature Lover's Paradise

Like many other parts of Florida, we are known for having an abundance of wildlife. Around New Smyrna beach, you can sight a variety of animals including birds, turtles, and alligators.