New Smyrna Beach FL
Oak Hill, Florida

Things to Do in Oak Hill, Florida

Oak Hill is a small city in Volusia County located close to New Smyrna Beach. Here is a list of must-see attractions for those who will be staying in or near Oak Hill.

Mosquito Lagoon

Oak Hill is one of several cities that resides by the Mosquito Lagoon, which is a popular waterway for fishing and nature tours. Those who want to see Manatees, for example, should definitely look for tours that take place in the Mosquito Lagoon. If you feel a bit adventurous then you can also try outdoor activities like kayak fishing. Mosquito Lagoon is known for having a wide variety of fishes like flounders and black drums.

Seminole Rest

Another place of attraction to add to your to-do list is the Seminole Rest. This is a historic site located on the shores of Mosquito Lagoon. In Seminole Rest, you can learn a lot about the history of the area and also go on a nice walk. There's also a tiny, adorable gift shop where you can purchase some souvenirs.

Mary DeWees Park

If you are looking for a park in Oak Hill that has decent facilities then check out Mary DeWees Park. Locals, in particular, love this place because it features a variety of activities and it's well catered for children as well. It comes with a variety of playground equipment (in fairly new condition). It also has a covered area with tables for those who want to enjoy a picnic. If you are looking for a place to relax then do check out Mary DeWees Park.