New Smyrna Beach FL
Riverview Hotel and Spa

The Riverview Hotel and Spa at New Smyrna Beach (FL)

Located right next to the vicinity of the Indian River North, this 3-star hotel has quite the history. Constructed in 1885, the hotel is located in a prime location. It overlooks the river and only about 10-minute walk from the beach. Amenities include access to a spa, outdoor swimming pool, and complimentary bicycles! There is also complimentary self-parking for those who are driving in.

There are several different room types available to visitors. Those who are looking for the luxury experience may want to book the Grand Riverview Suite or the Yacht Club Suites. Otherwise, the Deluxe rooms and the Premium rooms are great options to explore as well. Each room is equipped with the usual hotel amenities + free WiFi.

As far as dining goes, you can either enjoy the delicious meals offered at the hotel restaurant, the Grill, or checkout all the great restaurants situated in the vicinity of the Riverview Hotel and Spa. Popular choices include Cafe Heavenly, Third Wave Cafe & Wine Bar, and GoJuice.

The key highlights mentioned by recent hotel goers include the hotel having amazing customer service, having an excellent location, and the general decor being absolutely beautiful. On the downside, some hotel goers mentioned that the rooms were on the slightly smaller end while others mentioned the room having a slightly musty smell.